You are probably as confused as Ade if you are a creative.

Ade is stuck in the woods.

The 28-year stood up at 5am after struggling with sleep for 5 minutes. He felt reluctant to rise just yet. Yesterday was a stressful one, hustling through the heavy traffic in the city then embarking on the 6 -hour journey to his family’s country home. Even I would get more rest was I in his shoes. But the scales of sleepiness were ready to drop off and his brain was drooling for new ideas already.

He won’t sweat it. He is not sure the reason for waking up this early since he had such a demanding yesterday, but he will let his open eyelid lead. “This is the first of my 3-day holiday, I should sleep till 9am”, he thought, but his body may be wiser and he knows to follow such wisdom.

He wiped his face in the bathroom and rinsed off the dust in the basin that tells the tale of abandon, he turned the faucet back and forth a few times to return its usual ease before it’s long holiday. He advanced to the window onlooking the darkness outside. It was the side that leads back to town, so the light from the street lamp softly kissed the darkness, but it was lonely. It is not the chaotic city — workers are not jumping on a 4am ride for another day’s labour. The calmness of the street he saw drew him but did not quite assure of safety. “It has been a while since I last showed up here, is it safe to be out at a few minutes past 5am?” he imagined and queried as he held on to the window frame with his left hand. The other hand had been on the wardrobe. He reflexively opens the wardrobe, finds a winter jacket hanging with shoulders dropped like a lonely coward. There, is the apparel of safety, at least from the cold. Maybe a walk. That won’t hurt.

Ade is at the balcony, the jacket is on, hood too. He goes down the staircase landing every step with a confident stride of his deep blue Crocs sandal. The street that leads to town feels safer now but might get busy soon. Ade would rather use calmness. He turns gradually to the side of the house, walks beside the pen and his old garden now overtaken with weed, gradually stepping into the bush to the path that leads to the lonely mountain.

There is a beauty of serenity, a glamour not so known in the city. We are busy, all of us, phone calls and texts to respond to, work schedule to fit into and busy roads to battle with. The privileged are those who can fly in helicopters for every meeting. Ade trod a different path that morning, the path of peace, tranquil and reflection. The biggest concern of his life strolls back into the perimeter of his thoughts. He begins to regurgitate something he read the morning before his trip. He had seen a Twitter post about creatives that made him wonder a bit. Then he decided to ask Google and found surprising discoveries pointing fingers at him. Ade might be a creative who has not owned it enough. Ade feels confused. He sees the traits; he knows he is a creative by these descriptions but he is not about to start a journey of discovery that does not guarantee money as regular jobs do. The worries are for Ade, he can be beside himself for all I care but I am curious what he found in his research about creatives.

The first thing Ade found was that creatives create art.

“What else will they create if not art?”, you say. Well, what that really means is they create art for the sake of creating it not necessarily to achieve something lofty. For instance, they sing to sing not necessarily to win a Grammy.

Ade found another thing;

A creative colours outside the line, bringing new perspectives to life and giving us all a new way to see things. He breaks the rules.

“Perhaps being a creative is not about the job I do, maybe it is something about my wiring and the way I go about getting things done”, Ade the millennial thought to himself, stuck in the woods.

“Creatives are creatively confused”.



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Awodeyi Johnzoe

Do you know a creative with a wandering mind? That is Johnzoe. He writes and teaches customer-centric designs. A smart growth-driven soul.